The World Health Organization (who) defines health not only as the absence of disease and the ability to work, but also as a total well-being of man. The Club is based on seven pillars of human prosperity including the dominant role has its own health being that health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing. We live surrounded by men who according to the World Health Organization, are ill, because the illnesses are increasingly present (cardiovascular disease, smoking as a disease, the increase of malignant tumors, diabetes).
However, at the same time with the increasing presence of diseases, all humanity faces the new syndromes and diseases around the world.
The team of scientists like Dr. Kjoce hospital in Tokio (Japan) Isuzu Nakagava, seeking signs of an unknown illness that manifested itself as shoulder immobility, discomfort in the lumbar spine, headaches, pains in the muscles, insomnia, poor circulation and digestion, and General tiredness, became aware of the presence of a new disease for the modern man , a disease that in scientific circles and known as untidiness or lack of magnetic field.
Research has shown that the decrease in intensity of the Earth's magnetic field, and the increase in electromagnetic contamination that surrounds the modern man are the consequence of electromagnetic radiation ever more present, starting with radio and TV systems, computer monitors, mobile phones, microwave ovens, pillows with Wi-Fi, and others.
This is known as electromagnetic smog to which was added the influence of geopatogene areas, of disorders that come from underground waterways and other contaminations that influence life and human health at the cellular level, (including genetic changes) pronounced as sociological and psychosocial disorders and psychosomatic diseases. This can be defined in the manner best with a graffiti that I read: “If we are not crazy so far, we're not normal”. Positive action of magnets and electromagnetic smog protection are important preventive measures known to contemporary medicine, whose practical concepts and their implementation can be found in deep distant and recent history. Preventive action and the Elimination of the adverse effects on the human body electromagnetic smog, gives the body the fullness of vitality and is the precondition of health, longevity and human quality by improving overall health, decrease of pain and consequences of stress, the calm of minor depression and increasing overall energy. Since the time of the publication of the works of Linus Pouling, winner of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of magnetic characteristics of hemoglobin, there are certain concepts and terms to understand the influence of magnetic field magnetic energy and direct medical on microcirculation i.e. the fullness of physiological function of red blood cells in the supply of the necessary quantities of oxygen to all levels of tissues and cells; so is protected internal balance: homeostasis.
During the last years I had the opportunity, as a consultant, to partner with many organizations, companies and citizens ' groups in which their activities, or some of them, had as its aim the improvement of the quality of life. This task is human, but also difficult, and is made even more difficult by the fact that there are many incompetent people that with ciarlatanesco and access on the ground only tied to money, covering health and aid with the mask, are propagating and proposing various means, remedies and medicines that make it difficult to send real information and real help to real addresses. Collaborating with the firm Full Point I had a great pleasure to know of people with their own scientific knowledge in the field of geomagnetism, geopatogena and radiation electromagnetic smog, has made a campaign of information and education to more people and their well-being through solutions to concrete hazards and potential problems, measured and recorded on the ground. The characteristic of this system is, first and foremost, quality originated from a very high level of competence of those who offer their knowledge and their experience with their assistants, and modern measuring instruments, as the basis of their certainty and as a response to the ciarlatanistiche improvisations, contemporary scientific developments.
At the same time, both the education of the population's health mission, are of great importance, particularly in countries where statistically sick ignorant and/or poorly educated are more and more numerous.
The advantage of the adopted system of Full Point in proposing their own products is based on the detection directly on site, products manufactured according to the highest world standards, the result of research by an international team since in a health project, where belief is:

Prof. Dr. Nikola M. Canak

NTC Novi Sad