The magnetic field has a positive effect on the human body. The fundamental key to this action is found in the cell and below we try to outline simply what is a cell and how it is formed. As we see the cell is roughly shaped roundabout. It is surrounded by a barrier known as the membrane. Contains some other small parts round about those organelles which are in turn surrounded by a membrane. A cell looks like more or less in a factory:

– We find who's boss (executives): the core;
– We find workers who produce: Lysosomes, Golgi apparatus;
– the powerhouse: mitochondria;
– the departments involved to waste disposal: vacuoles, etc.

This is a broad outline of a cell.


Mechanisms of action and biological effects of magnetic field on cell

The membrane and as a barrier that separates the inside of the cell from the outside. This membrane is not rigid, but pennette passing various substances both from within the cell to the outside and vice versa.
It consists of:

– a variable fee from 25 to 80% of lipids: phospholipids, sphingolipids, glycolipids and sterols mainly.
– a variable fee from 18 to 75% of proteins.
– a variable portion of carbohydrates from all 3’ 8%: most are oligosaccharides.

To remember that even the internal cell organelles have a membrane. The magnetic fields can affect the membrane, its electric trim, its transport functions both active and passive membrane fluidity. Global cellular metabolism of the cell. The cell membrane has potential values very well defined: bone cell and epithelial level we find a value of – 70 mV; at the level of the muscle fibrocellule is – 80 mV; at the level of nerve cells is – 90 mV.


Orientation of the spin of the atoms and electrons. The formation of Lorentz forces with creations of ions and orientation according to the lines of force. Action on cell membranes, the electromagnetic field is the modification and conformation of polymers that make up the membrane.
The effect on free radicals, on trace elements and ferromagnetic substances present in the cell, nucleic acids acceleration of enzyme actions. Particular actions on oxygen, but not on the tissue concentration according to any act of sequestration of oxygen by the field resulting in the creation of hypoxic zones/hyperthyreosis.

More simply:

The cell has an electrical charge, it is like a battery. The Interior of the cell is negative, the exterior of the cell is in a positive direction. These electrical charges are arranged along the membrane! From this easily establishes that the cell also owns an electric field, but also has its own magnetic field! External magnetic field influences the internal magnetic State of individual cells and in turn affects the electrical State of cells. Important is to clarify that if a cell is healthy, so its own magnetic field is not disrupted, an external magnetic field applied does not produce any sort of disturbance. And that is because the magnetic field aligns the substances which means that brings them into the correct position but especially has the right places the electrical charges that make up the magnetic field. A sick cell no longer has a balancing magnetic field (consistent) and so our external magnetic field (the one created by bio-device) brings him back into balance (consistent). If the cell is healthy the two magnetic fields, that of the cell and that outside are exactly normal, so there is no negative influence, indeed the use of the external magnetic field can prevent the magnetic field of the cell.