The Earth's magnetic field exposure of passive natural deprivation can adversely affect our physical and mental wellbeing.

The terrestrial magnetism-Bioriposo

Magnetism exists in any part of our Earth, our solar system and our universe. Without the magnetism a kind of life and the universe as we know it would not be possible. It is known all along: that is, since there is on Earth the human being. Once these forces of nature were considered benevolent deities. A source of very ancient application of the phenomenon of magnetism and been using the compass. (known by the Chinese before the Christian era and imported into Europe in the early Middle Ages). Magnetism is part of our land and our life so like electricity, water, noise, etc. Magnetism has also the flaw, if we may so call it, to not be visible or palpable. Say that electricity exists is very easy: just a simple gesture of turning on the light. We do not consciously feel the magnetism, while our body, its organs and in turn his cells warn and affected. We can find some very interesting examples of exploitation of the Earth's magnetic field to orient themselves by certain species of animals such as pigeons, bees, some fish species as well as some bacteria. All these living beings have in their particular body structures, called magnetosomi, which are likely to include the intensity of the magnetic field. Only 19th century that will be using the scientific curiosity of some people began a slow bloom of studies on magnetism and its origins. Great strides were made between 1820 and 1831 when it formulated the laws of electromagnetism: that is, they discovered the rules that allowed him to build devices that can produce and distribute electricity: such as generators, transformers and motors.
What is however actually the magnetism? Magnetism is a fundamental force of nature.
We try to define it through a very simple example:

– Take a thin sheet of glass.
– We take some iron powder.
We place this powder on the glass and see that it is distributed randomly on the glass plate. At this point we take a magnet and place under the glass plate. We will see that the dust that was distributed at random now has laid out in a very precise way and almost strict!
This geometric arrangement was determined by the magnet: by its strength. The strength of the magnet created a magnetic field and everything being in contact or falls under the influence of this field is laid out in a certain way: is aligned in space!

We can also say that the strength of the magnet that we can for simplicity call the energy that the magnet owns, operates on all that enters its magnetic field.

We take a compass. It consists of an axle in the Middle dial on a thin needle. This needle is a magnet. We note that this needle you have roughly in a North-South direction. The extreme of this two needle pointing north I'll call it the NORTH POLE of the magnet, the other end I'll call South Pole. The words North and South are used to distinguish the opposing magnetic poles just like in a battery where we have a positive and a negative pole (two North and South, in the battery positive and negative words are used). N.B. Before proceeding we must mean two opposite poles, the North and the South poles attract each other while Poles alike, that is the north pole of a magnet and the north pole of another magnet will repel. So if we stay close to our compass a magnet, the needle with its North Pole is directed toward the South Pole of the magnet. Please note at this point that the earth itself is a big magnet. For historical facts but the South Pole of the magnet on Earth, is called geographically North Pole. Knowing that you explain why the north pole of the compass points to the north pole of the Earth, when in fact it is the South magnetic pole. Gradually we will be able to understand what is a magnet and as especially manifests his action.
We go back a moment to the history of magnetism:
– In 1873 the scientist Maxwell proved with mathematical computations that electricity and magnetism are formed by waves and that these waves form of electromagnetic fields. Imagine a farmer plowed a field two in a manner a little swaying. We get a wave field visible. A magnetic field is formed by a similar series of waves but invisible, that you can absolutely make visible. In this field the magnet demonstrates its action. The action of the magnet is equal anywhere on the field, that is, his strength is exactly equal to the Center as the outskirts of the camp. More the magnet is powerful, the larger the field and stronger is its action. We have seen how iron powder having approached the magnet placed itself in an arrangement almost geometric. If we look at bene figure, we see that this provision was drawn roughly to curved lines. The action of a magnetic field is given by curved lines that are called lines of force of the magnetic field. In practice a magnetic field makes his action, that is his strength, taking place in a certain manner everything that comes within range of his field. Returning to the strength of the magnetic field: it aligns the components of pollutants according to precise rules to its action. Important: a substance that is in balance will not be absolutely influenced by the strength of the magnetic field. Furthermore, we must now clarify what type of substances can act a magnetic field. Any substance that both positive and negative elements: eg. the cells of any species of living being. So anything that has an electrical charge can be affected by a magnetic field. A magnet has a unique feature: for how many times we'll divide it will always have a North Pole and a South Pole. If we thought of dividing the land into two parts like a melon we would have in both sides their respective poles. Clearly as anything in human science, even the magnetic field has its own unit of measurement is the GAUSS. There is another unit of measurement is the TESLA. They're exactly the same said with a different word. We'll only use the term GAUSS. One Gauss is equal to 10 to the minus 4 Tesla.

Earth's magnetism:

The Earth's magnetic field is arranged around it with lines that connect the North Pole to the South Pole. The strength of the magnetic field is not equal at all points of the Earth; Remember that for an artificial magnet strength is equal at all points of the magnetic field.

Question which perhaps might become obvious at this point:

1) how strong is the Earth's magnetic field?
2) Because a magnetic field that we can construct affect decisively a needle of a compass than the Earth?


1) the Earth's magnetic field went with millennia weakening. It is now known that the Earth's magnetic field strength is 0.67 Gauss at the poles and the Equator 0.37 Gauss.
2) the Earth's magnetic field is much stronger near the poles but is much less in the rest of the globe.

This response leads us directly to discuss the areas of magnetic disturbance. Exist in any part of the Earth, except two of their respective poles of the areas where the Earth's magnetic field strength is still weaker because it is disturbed. What can create trouble? for example, a stratum of underground water can be a source of weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth radiation arising from radioactive processes within the Earth. These two noise sources are of natural origin. Today it is known that in Brazil and in India there are very strong terrestrial radiation. Important is by making a small parenthesis to note how many animals avoid instinctively to rest or nest in areas susceptible to interference, just like cats, bees and snakes they want some. It's’ very important for certain animal species: migratory birds, bees, certain species of fish, to orient themselves respectively in the sky or water. (N.B. the pigeons orient themselves also with view)
In an experiment carried out with an initial group of pigeons with a bandage troublemaker of magnetic fields and another second set but no, it was noted that the first group was completely sidetracked while the second group despite the overcast sky was able to navigate perfectly. In fact in the brains of these animals have found cells that contain of ferrite. Interesting is perhaps refer briefly to how to make a magnet. Simply put an iron bar within a series of circles formed by a single thread path by an electric current. Why does this happen? As mentioned before, electricity and magnetism are alike and each depends on the other. A "live" wire an electric current creates a magnetic field similar to that of any magnet. Effects of the Earth's magnetic field: It affects radiation protection: prevents harmful radiation, called for all living creatures, from reaching the Earth's atmosphere. It has physiological effects (i.e. natural effects and benefits): influence on circadian rhythms: these are our internal clock. The functioning of our body is controlled by the brain and endocrine glands that produce hormones called. In our brain there is a special section that runs like clockwork to control how certain hormones must be produced or when eg. the body needs rest: must fall asleep and when he must awaken. In addition to other functions explained on other pages. Other explanations on other pages: in addition to natural sources of disturbance in the last fifty years have countless sources created by the human being. The phenomenon of pollution It is also this time.