As you build the electrostatic field by car:>

The electrostatic field is not present in the environment but is generated by rubbing (removal of surface charges) of garments or generally of surfaces made of insulating material.
As the insulating material, if you remove some electron does not regenerate the balance due to new charges that you rearrange circulating as conductors.
Insulating materials are more charge as it lacks the conduct for which the electrons cannot return to their places and the body remains excited or load.

Inside a moving car, as a result of rubbing with dry air, you build an electrostatic field between the outside of the paint (insulator) that generates an electromagnetic field environmental interference and electrostatic field which between them interact.
The device "Biodrive" protects against this environmental effect of interaction between electromagnetic field and electrostatic field, while not depending directly from the electrostatic field;
the latter can reach values electrically.

The electrostatic field is manifested to our senses in time of spark or simply shock that happen to feel at times when you get off the car.
Sparks or shock that develop when you restore the body from outside neutral excited or are discharged to the ground the negative charges.

Because the phenomenon occurs in a fraction of a millisecond you create sparks or electric shock due to ground the amount accumulated discharge (as with much larger quantity type millions of Volts in Lightning).

The spark is still over 1000 V but already to 100V even without spark shock feels.
It is important that heart patients do not suffer ESD.