About thirty years ago the Russian physicists have discovered biological resonance, i.e. have established that each cell, as well as the fabric of our organism, has its spectrum-electromagnetic. In the frequency of these waves in the body changes happen physiological changes, and then pathological changes.
Sophisticated biorisonanti equipment can record the electromagnetic State of the body and organs. Based on this, we can have a complete picture of the functional State of the organism very useful in the prevention and diagnosis of many diseases. Even so-called microrisonante therapy biorisonante therapy, IE is reflected
on the organism carrying in it of the oscillations “healthy” forming a harmonious and electromagnetic structure in this manner helps in the formation of energy balance and in his rehabilitation.
Homeopathy, complementary medicine, accepted as one of the branches
even in our country for some time now (as well as bioresonance therapy), has a dynamic action on the organism. Its action relates to stabilize energy balance, thus forming an ideal control of the Interior of a living organism in order to safeguard the continuity of its chemical and physical characteristics. So the electromagnetic State of healthy body is established both in terms of prevention and therapy. In medicine, preventive protection has an invaluable, though, as witnesses, we can see that in the medical practice, and also secular in practice, preventive protection does not have the place it deserves. A popular ruling says “prevention is better than cure” and speak of the experience of previous generations that should be accepted even in modern times. That is, we see a great technological development of civilization, but we see also the danger that leads development. In everyday life, we are exposed to various negative influences on environment, which come from the air, food or water, and we, doctors, we witness true epidemics of diseases that arrive as a result of the disorder of the body's immunological status (defensive), including at the top are malignant tumors. Preventive protection contains several actions that serve to decrease the influence of negative elements in the body. Preventive protection, except common factors (a regular diet, exercise, and fresh air), and also very important radiation protection electromagnetic. Electromagnetic radiation changes the body's electromagnetic spectrum and has a direct influence on the rise of the disease by changing the structure of tissues and organs. The radiation has a subtle, its effect is building up and the illness which began as its result, often, do not link to it. Preventive protection from certain diseases, out of some items is difficult to influence, though how much radiation, protection has been made possible thanks to the Full-Point company. That is, as a doctor who deals with electromagnetic influences, from a therapeutic point of view and also from a security standpoint, I think the Bio-device is an invaluable help for your health. It is a preventive protection from harmful radiation that surrounds us every day, especially in places where we're more hours. The bio-device, such as medical aid, redirects and neutralizes the harmful influences of electromagnetic radiation. It contributes and supports optimal metabolic processes that support health; in case of illness, together with other measures, it contributes to the healing process.

Dr. Ljiljana Bajic internal medicine specialist, medicine biorisonante Bibic and homeopath KBC “Kosa Beìanijska "(Clinical Hospital Centre) Belgrade