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Good morning

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to appreciate the benefits of bio-device. From a distance two months I've had headaches that forced me to sleep on the couch and I continue to wake up more relaxed with a desire to return to sleep the next night. Can safely show my testimony.

FYI Aurelius Gaeta

Hello my name is Andrea Agostini, are of Mantova and I got to know you through your workstation in that of the "Festival of the East", held in Padua a few weeks ago.

Well, listening to those who were the recommendations of a helping hand, Mr. Fiorese, I got to try and get, your magnetic plates kits, suffering from years of back problems.

I am writing first so that you can achieve in the first place my personal thanks to your coworker, only thanks to the explanations which I managed to win a total distrust in this type of product. Mistrust that would prevent me to try with my huge surprise surprising effectiveness as it was unexpected.

I considered therefore only right to thank all of you, for having created something so valuable, able to relieve pain and donate at the same time the most precious thing, welfare.

Although, ironically, my profession (I sell drugs ...), it will be a pleasure and my concern about you to all the people dearest to me.

With sincere gratitude,
Andrea Agostini, Mantua.