Immediately spring to my eyes the extraordinary effects of rebalancing already after the first 10 minutes of use BIOLABOR ®with the energy of Bioenergetic balance which went from 96% to 99%, going to normalise the overactive hypothalamic, pituitary and reactivate the stability of the cerebral cortex, to reactivate the sigma and colon Peristaltic functions, to reactivate the biological functions of the pancreas.

The instant relaxation induced on the contraction of the lumbar spine.

After 20 minutes of use BIOLABOR ®organic energy is slightly decreased, remaining nonetheless greater than the subject before use, but also stabilizing the remaining parameters of liver and kidney still not balanced from the previous session.

The BIOLABOR ® allows to:

  • Restore energy balance;
  • Normalizing stress;
  • Rebalance Dystonic functions;
  • Reactivate the organs in deficit;
  • Increase intestinal peristalsis;
  • Modulating enzymatic activity;
  • Quell anxiety;
  • Relax the apparatus skeletal muscle.