The aim of these measurements is to verify the effectiveness of protection from ElectroSmog offer by devices produced by Bioriposo Srl called "Bioriposo" (wearable) and RCT Biolabor "RC" (read).

It will also try to determine the attenuation coefficient due to radio frequency signals present in the environment.


You will perform two sets of measures (observations) using the oscilloscope RTO1022 of Rohde & Schwarz bandwidth: 2 GHz, a very large collection tool that allows you to view all signals present in the environment starting from 50 Hz network up to the full range of broadcasting (television and even mobile phones in 4 g and 5 G) and here NDI WI-FI.

These signals will be picked up from the environment and sent to the oscilloscope through a special antenna by 25 cm side and then with a total length of 1 meter.

N.B. In the term “uptake” means that the signals present in the environment are captured by our antenna though not in calibration (amplitude does not state) with the tool but as being out-of-band signals in minimum percentage compared to picked up, are irrelevant for statistical purposes of our experiment.

In the first series of measurements, with the antenna located at the center of the room of observation we detected the amount of electromagnetic pollution present , measured in V/m (volts per meter).

In the second series of measurements we proceeded undetected on devices:

a-placing the antenna inside the device worn "Biolabor RCTS".

b-by positioning the antenna above the device night laying "RC Bioriposo".

Do the measures and records the data collected is quantitative comparison of values determined as follows:

Environmental sensing:

Division 1 – 20 mV to oscilloscope sensitivity

2 – reading 2 divisions or 40 mV/m (40 mV per metre).

Wearable device detection Biolabor RCT :

a – oscilloscope sensitivity 2 mV to Division

b – reading inside the device worn 0.5 divisions or "RCT Biolabor" 1 mV/m (1 mV per metre).

Device detection night Bioriposo RC :

a – oscilloscope sensitivity 2 mV to Division

b – value measured on the surface of the device night "Bioriposo RC" 0.52 divisions or 1.04 mV/m (1.04 mV per metre).


From surveys shows that the attenuation of ElectroSmog is 97.5% 2.5% compound Biolabor RCT with device.

From surveys shows that the attenuation from ElectroSmog is 97.3 in the case of the device Bioriposo with 2.7% compound.

In conclusion, as is clear from the above data personal protection from ElectroSmog offered by the two devices of Bioriposo S.r.l. is very close to 100% and among them almost homogeneous and is also independent of the amount of the more or less high in the environment that signal is measured in V/m or submultiples mV/m (Volts per meter or submultiples millivolts per meter).

Neptune 19.06.2018

In faith Prof. Poonam Bankar