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Like many other websites, this website uses “cookies”.

1 What are COOKIES?

Cookies are small files that help you improve your search and/or navigation within the site. While browsing, the browser you are using (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.) stores in fact small text files, cookies that may contain user information, such as preferences, tastes and interests.

2 what KIND of COOKIES exist and what KIND of COOKIES are GENERATED FROM NAVIGATION on this site?

There are primarily two types of cookies:

Transient (or session), which keep the information long enough to surf the web and are erased once you exit your browser, or turn off your computer;
Persistent, which store and maintain the information on your computer until you delete the cookie itself and allow the automatic retrieval of previously entered information.

Surfing the site this site may generate different types of cookies:

anonymous tracing cookies
cookies on the site performance
recording cookies
third party cookies
More generally, this site uses the data collected with cookies so generated in order to provide you with the best possible experience on your site (“Cookies on the site performance”). Cookies are generated by non-registered users from browsing to the site may be used only for statistical purposes (“Anonymous tracing cookies”in fact, this type of navigation), not allowing the identification of individuals in particular; If navigating by registered users you can learn from this site also the data collected during registration, such as your user name and email address, which will enable this site to generate cookies that are associated with the account that the user logs on (“Recording cookies”). It will also be possible that on certain pages of the site, third parties may set anonymous cookies (“Third party cookies”), for the purpose of tracking the operation of their applications, or to customize the latter, the need arises out of the user's tastes and preferences. This site will not have access to these cookies. A limitation, this site allows you to share content on social-networking sites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, through the user clicks on the icon dedicated: by doing so, the social-network that produced the button will log the user action.

This website uses the service “Google Analytics” the company Google Inc. which in turn uses cookies. The information obtained is transferred and stored on a server in the United States owned by Google.
You can disable cookies through the options of setting different browser or by downloading the add-on

Social Networking cookie
These cookies are necessary in order to allow your social accounts to interact with our site. Serve as an example to let you express your appreciation and to share it with your friends. Social network cookies are not necessary for navigation.
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3 you can disable COOKIES?

Surely. The user may at any time deactivate and/or block cookies on your browser or from this site, checking on the procedure of removing cookies on your browser or device in use. Once disabled and/or blocked sending cookies can however happen that certain services offered on this site will not be accessible to the user, which means that disabling and/or block will not allow access to certain areas of the site.

For more information about how to handle cookies on or off, depending on your browser, click directly on any of the following links:

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Check out these sites for more information, or select the option “Help” from your browser for guidance online.

To disable cookies and prevent Google Analytics to collect information about your navigation, you can download the add-in Google Analytics opt-out browser at this address: