Prof. Poonam Bankar

  • Professor of Applied Biophysics Master in Mrd Aesthetics II University of Rome
  • Professor of Applied Biophysics International Hospital
  • Lecturer at the Master in Posture University of Rome "La Sapienza"
  • Professor of Applied Biophysics UNISRITA – Roma


Prof. Poonam bankar – Professor of electronic measurements and Doc. Applied Biophysics University of Tor Vergata and UNISRITA – Rome


Air pollution is much more studied chemical and physical point of view.

In reality the atmosphere is permeated not only from pollutants consist of matter into various conditions more or less thin dust or gas type different but many agents involved in both human and living conditions of living beings in General.

From the point of view of the controls on the effects is much easier to check the damage from chemicals that in many cases have been known for hundreds of years while the effects of physical forces are much more devious and difficult to assess, especially if a l grease up the end of exposure.

Very often they look for similarities with the chemical effects type such as carcinogens.

Physical forces, except those due to cosmic radiation is by ionizing x-ray, are rarely and then with a direct and immediate effect cancerogenetico but have instead, effects on cell metabolism.

The undersigned, Prof. Poonam bankar together with Prof. Maurizio Severini Tuscia University (VT) are among the few that. in recent years, since 2000, have carried out studies on the metabolic effects of electromagnetic waves on living by publishing two works on behalf of the National Research Council and the University of Tuscia.

The studies were designed to detect metabolic effects on animal populations in statistically significant, high number of micro-organisms undergo long exposure times although with signals of less than one tenth of those allowed by law regulations on safety.

The effects of the order of 15% metabolic alterations revealed that the highest value is compared to the long term security considering that living things are exposed to ElectroSmog virtually for life.

From the viewpoint of protectionism the easy way it seems that shielding environments but the system is less effective and workable than you think because the screens should be count and grounded and it's because it's impossible to Live humans pretty much in a Faraday cage.

The Bioriposo S.r.l. for many years studied and addressed the issue with the aim of arriving at a solution avoiding any form of screening and through research "physical" to convert the electromagnetic fields and make them suitable for be tolerated by the human body succeeding through generalized application of Lenz's law that enabled her to design and create products protected by patents based on personal protective equipment.

Earlier patents were aimed at protecting the bed so that the subjects where they spend 30% of their lives could rest in a protected area.

Continuing its study and research the Bioriposo S.r.l. has developed additional protective systems also due to the continuous and sudden changes of contaminated by Electrosmog and increase in frequency order greater than 2.5 GHz (5 G).

Recently with my contributions have been studied and patented solutions that materialize once more in personal protective systems whose rationale is based on the Faraday-Lenz law-Newmann.

These solutions for their construction characteristics are happily and easily accessible to anyone at all stages of life.

These protections are involved in an important way, over a very wide frequency spectrum and is applicable on various systems is read that long, time-worn, increasing protection of human body leading him among the resting phase and phase of work/leisure in d at least 60%, of the day.


Electronic measurements made with University under control before without detection Devices Bioriposo and later with Bioriposo Devices using calibrated instruments as secondary standards, the attenuation coefficients have pointed out very close to 100%, rising from ElectroSmog 40 mVa meter detected in the environment available on-device meter 1.04 mV to Bioriposo for the night and 1.00 mVa meter inside the wearable device. Other surveys have been conducted in various areas such as in the Centre of Rome by finding higher levels of electromagnetic pollution in the environment (type 0.2 V/m, more than 5 times higher in the previous example) and getting attenuation devices Bioriposo that led to have signals of the order of 5 mV/m with 97% of urines of mitigations. Personal protection is therefore almost homogeneous and was also independent of the amount of more or less high in the environment that signal is measured in V/m or submultiples mV/m (Volts per meter or submultiples millivolts per meter).


I hope that this text can help to understand distribution on the various aspects of a problematic that proper information is very poor and this leaves a lot of room for misinformation and mystification.


Neptune 25.06.2018


Prof. Poonam Bankar