The cosmic radiation through the atmosphere, are partly picked up from the ground, reaching up to considerable depth; This absorption conditions change the electromagnetic field of the soil, which translates, depending on its conductivity, another radiation for reflection, different, to some extent, from what he received. Among the components of the radiation coming from the Earth, it would be worth considering a neutron radiation produced by a nuclear fission natural phenomenon of the atoms in the depths of the Earth's crust. The effects are highlighted by means of thermal radiation of the soil not due to a loss of heat from the Earth's core. Nuclear fusion produces alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays that are absorbed to a large extent on the ground, while the neutrons, with great energy and great penetrating power, irraggerebbero outside of the Earth's crust in the form of thermal neutrons, having sold almost all their energy colliding, on their journey, with the nuclei of hydrogen atoms and then to have the kinetic energy of the atoms of gas, which is weak. Neutron irradiation, now in charge of its radiation energy, weak soil and its mineral structure. This radiation is natural radioactivity of soil and intervenes significantly in determining the biological processes.

More details: energy ecosystem
More details: energy ecosystem

The role of water

The compound effect of cosmic radiation, earthquake, and the artificial one, which now can no longer be considered to be negligible, it causes resonance and interference energy that permeates all things, animal, vegetable and mineral. As mentioned above, is the water molecule that acts as a sounding board of the field produced by these interferences. This also because it is everywhere, in various States of molecular aggregation: oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, on the surface or underground, the clouds, the rain, the water droplets suspended in the air and which constitute the atmospheric humidity.

Water is the main constituent of life, in its various forms: we ourselves are composed of about seventy percent water. In addition, its electrical conductivity is not negligible. Circulating water flows underground, with electrochemical properties, scrolling across the sands, gravels and other Earth faults generate an electric current measured on the soil surface. The potential difference from which this current is produced is generated by the bipolarity between the bed of water flow, which takes on a negative charge, and the water itself, which instead bears a positive charge.

These positive electrical particles moving normally at speeds very slow, ten meters per day, and cause measurable currents of the order of millivolts. But in the case of high speeds, they cause a release of energy that causes an electromagnetic induction field such as to affect the microwave field on the surface of the ground, perturbing the telluric radiation of thermal neutrons. Infrared radiation, normally distributed uniformly above the ground, is reduced in the summer and increased in winter, on the vertical of the underground waterways; When it is slowed down or accidentally locked in the soil, the concentration of neutrons causes an increase of double or triple of gamma irradiation (observations made in relation to the normal values of IR radiation in free-running). Microwave radiation and ultra short waves mutually reinforcing soil as a result of electrical disturbances generated by currents in the soil; The magnetic moments of their molecular dipoles, normally oriented according to the axis of the Earth's magnetic field, are deflected and therefore in those areas you have demonstrations of geomagnetic disturbances. It highlights, therefore, that the underground waterways and their surroundings are energy perturbations harmful to living beings.

The effect of groundwater will affect more or less intense depending on whether it is rain water, purer (in theory at least, because of environmental pollution}, or water rich in minerals, as with a higher conductivity. Generally, however, are very varied and frequent disturbances that several doctors have reported patients inhabitants on land disturbed energy. Water can also drain traces of radioactivity and upload any body, stones, clays, marl, gravel, which become in turn broadcasters. Thus, ground and underground water pockets originates a factor that sum and amplifies the anomalies, and can easily determine serious effects on physical and mental health of the inhabitants of the above mentioned areas. Further escalation factors are the various pollutions which water may suffer as a result of human activity, including mindless garbage dumps on the banks of the rivers or in relative proximity to underground aquifers, although placed with good depth. In this sense it is good to note that the aquifers can be pathogenic though are located around 300 meters deep. It should also be keep in mind that the energy emitted by large masses of underground waters, apparently cannot be isolated from anything, penetrating easily through massive schemes of lead.

Prof. Bruno Bradimarte