U. Warnke

Construction, man is a collection of energy.
The evolution we build with the energies available.

The man is to be observed in relation to his State of birth, the forces that compose it and holding it, the world he lives in and from which he draws nourishment, in short, is to be observed in its relations with the whole, universal in its integration. The human system at every stage of development depends on the active force fields and energy into its environment. When force fields are active, may be compatible with the energies and force fields of the system on which they act. Force fields that make up the man are so identical to fields of force acting on the Earth's surface. And so plausible for example assume that we in the course of evolution, we were like a balloon from external energy game. We were only able to evolve on the basis of external energies that eventually they built: since the very first second we were Cosmos, Earth, nature, pure quantum interaction. The human system using natural energy from outside, for the optimal construction, for optimal function and homeostasis.

What natural energies were and are still present?

1. power Energy (external energies that have been assimilated and have become internal energies) are mainly the binding energies of the molecules and individual energy electrons: both are linked mainly by sunlight in the plants.

2. Formation of binding energy (internal energy) between atoms and molecules that are given by DNA as the body's construction project.