A good sleep is the first food needed by the body, at all ages!

Bioriposo has created the all-vegetable Cuddly mattress: A gift from Nature A temple for your body!

The Cuddly mattress was created to live in harmony with the forces of Nature by protecting the Bless you of man and of all living things.
No living being has been killed or exploited to make this mattress.

What's he like?

The removable casing that dresses the Cuddly is composed of a containment structure Solid and resistant in pure Egyptian Cotton processing Jacquard quilted in a matelasèè Lino macerated on the ground (natural process that nourishes the fiber of special enzymes produced by microorganisms that proliferate in the stems laid out in the field after eradication).

After drying, a particular and careful care of the phases of storage and processing of Lino, allow to keep the protein values unchanged over time.
The Top, that is, the part on which the body rests, is applied to the casing with a zipper that runs all over the perimeter. Top composed of a knitted fabric of a particular fiber of Bamboo Charcool also quilted also in a matelassèe of the same Lino macerated on the ground.

We chose this quality of Bamboo because of its very high Biological compatibility and for its natural filtering and purifying characteristics such as to promote the balance between positive ions and negative ions in the bed environment thanks to its content of active coals developed in the phase of charring (burn).

To compose the interior of the mattress we find 4 modules of materials and different and interchangeable densities.
The supporting module is made with the fibrous part that protects the walnut of Coconut, fiber that to get to this use goes through a 24-month seasoning in which it is twisted into ropes to create curls then allow once unrolled and with the addition of droplets of Natural latex just gushed from the incision of the trunk of the plant of create a dough that goes through a process of volcanization 140%, comes to our bed, healthy perfectly breathable and unassailable parasite or mite.

The Mattress Cuddly will offer a perfect thermal balance, total breathability, no stagnation in humidity, maximum hygiene and comfort.
The other three modules of different thicknesses and densities once placed according to the indications we recommend depending on the weight of the sleeper welcome and pander to the anatomical forms of the body and are water-expanded material, without health-damaging substances as da certificate Oeko Tex Standard 100.
Two of the three modules are made from Coconut Milk and the rest are made from Oil by Soya.
Inside the casing is sewn a label on which we carry our Order of sleeper weights and related combinations of the modules described above.
Despite seeing it all on the outside, the double mattress inside has the separate forms, so even in the double bed everyone will have the mattress suitable for its weight. No feeling felt by sleepers for
separation of internal modules thanks to the highly contentious action envelope.

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The Bioriposo Cuddly Mattress is guaranteed by the company 20 years, but by the our historical to date, after 30 years, we have replaced only a few module, or, due to changes in physical conditions of special needs or just want to renew.