Electrostatic field drive

As you build the electrostatic field by car:>

The electrostatic field is not present in the environment but is generated by rubbing (removal of surface charges) of garments or generally of surfaces made of insulating material.
As the insulating material, if you remove some electron does not regenerate the balance […]

Test Biolabor Accademia Tesla

1 – Microwave and gamma rays from underground

2 – Microtubules DNA: Dr. Prof. Spomenko J. Mihailovic

3 – Contamination by electromagnetic fields: who/Dr. Nakagava Kjoce

4 – Biological resonance: Dr. Ljliana Bajc Bibic

5 – The Human System: U. Warnke

6 – Ilya Prigogine (1977 Nobel Prize in chemistry)

7 – GDV technology