Wi-Fi modem and ElectroSmog

The WiFi and wireless communications are releasing users from the cable and the physical network, but leave some questions that science still doesn't know how to respond. Although the wireless is positive and desirable to reduce the digital divide and using physical materials in telecommunications, on the other hand it is still electromagnetic smog (ElectroSmog) and scientists have not yet ruled out that there may be damage to health in the long run. In the absence of epidemiological studies of 20-30 years should apply the precautionary principle but on the case, the debate is still open and a few more responses. What is certain, the wi-fi extends a little’ everywhere, not only in public places such as schools, centers, buildings but also in house by choice of the citizens themselves. The wi-fi modem to connect to the internet purchased by users to surf wirelessly from your home computer is based on the transmission of radio waves as well as any cell phone. Albeit with a ray and a power much smaller than a cellular repeater, the wi-fi modem expose users to continue local electromagnetic fields. In these cases it is necessary to apply a minimum of care.

How to reduce the ElectroSmog from Wi-Fi modem at home

If you really don't want to or can't do without wireless, we have prepared for you a series of practical tips and ' bon pratiques’ to reduce exposure to indoor electromagnetic fields generated by wi-fi modem:

  1. Remove the antenna from the wi-fi modem when not in use, the scope is lower allowing you still surf the wi-fi in your room.
  2. Turn the modem off when not needed. When not using the internet is useless to leave access the wi-fi modem.
  3. Storing your wi-fi modem away from the beds and walls bordering the beds. In any case, never sleep close to wi-fi modem switched on.
  4. Do not work close to the wi-fi modem for the long run. Keep a safe distance of few meters. If you find yourself in distances below… what you need wi-fi? In these cases, use the cable.
  5. Do not keep the laptop on your legs. The wi-fi antenna in your computer receives and transmits such as wi-fi modem. In this case the proximity is greater and the maximum exposure. Always use a table.
  6. Keep in mind that electro-smog generated by wireless Internet is directly related to the data traffic. When you download files or videos from the net the electromagnetic field is greater. In these cases it is preferable to use a cable connection.

The previous recommendations are simple precautions to deal with the current ignorance on the matter and lack of certainty. Currently the science cannot claim any causal link between the electromagnetic pollution and damage to health. But it cannot be denied that there are. And’ good to remember this.

Source: www.ecoage.it

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