Biodispositiv: protection for the night

When the body is exposed to artificial and natural electromagnetic fields for a long period, occur metabolism from the pineal gland (epiphysis), very small but extremely important for many reasons, arising from its activities regulated by metabolism, secretes melatonin which not only serves to regulate sleep but starts a series of hormonal processes, from the Epiphysis then thyroid pituitary adrenal glands. Melatonin at night then releases a complex series of hormones that Act on the entire body.

The first application of our patent about the place bed where we spend one third of our day, and then of our lives dedicated to sleep, which has the role of: Detoxify, Repair and Regenerate every cell in our bodies.

While you enjoy your Geoprotected sleep, biodispositiv works...

We can convert the electromagnetic fields and geopatici with the Biodispositiv Full-Point acting in three sequences according to the principle of life:


"His circuit fueled by the electromagnetic fields e/o geopatici present in the environment and a process of carinduction em electromagnetic door Biocompatible levels (acceptable to the human body).

Inpplicazionand that is based on

physical law: Lenz-Faraday-Neumann.


“In the future, all cars will be powered by connecting the gear of nature”

Biodispositiv: how it's made

The Biodispositiv It should be spread over the mattress and engaged to corners with their rubber bands.

Within the biodispositiv, embedded in a soft and cozy "Matelasèe" in natural linen, two are installed Stages of Operation. The first stage is the * axial magnetic field North South (according to the law of Hartmann); the second stage is given by the circuit the solenoid (E.M.I. Absorber, absorber of fields Externally visible antenna extension electromagnetic) Omega.

To protect and maintain over time theoperating status of the internal components and circuits that make up the Biodispositiv We used resistant fabrics the natural traction due to the use.

Our desire to adopt of textile fibres with high Biocompatibility led us to choose between all, Bamboo Charcoal and flax.

The outer fabric of Biodispositivo

Composed of fiber by Bamboo, healthy, antibacterial and deodorant natural. The Bamboo we use is the Bamboo Charcoal, a particular species of Bamboo, native China whose fiber, under temperature more than 800°According to an ancient method of ' 500, gives rise to a active carbon which gives the fabric quality filter and purifying such as to promote’balance between positive and negative ions.

The interior fabric of Biodispositivo

Consists of LINO at 100% macerated ground. This process of natural decomposition ligands designed to bind together the fibers is favored by’enzymatic action of Microorganisms naturally present in the soil. In further processing the traditional methods employed to avoid the much-ignored protein breakdown that would remove the biological compatibility. Is hypoallergenic, does not retain neither dirt nor lime residue nor those of uric acid and ammonia so abundant in our childrens pee blissfully incontinent. It's healthy, durable, eco-friendly and relaxing .

Biodispositiv: action theraphy

Telluric rays lead to the body of information structured swinging as "attractors".
These are like a "whoosh" that disturbs both the sub-cellular communication between cells, acquiring more and more.
Decisive for the pathogenic action of Geopatie is staying for several hours in these areas without moving the body.
This relates to the bed or sedentary work.
Likened to a photographic plate which is slowly etched, after staying there for several months the geopatia performs a pathogen.
The consequence is, that the tissues more implicated in "parasitism" abnormal fluctuations are the liquids that represent the majority of the components of our body.


His stable magnetic field works: