The lifestyle of the industrialized countries: approximately 30% of the population watch TV for over 3 hours per day, the 59% of the children pass their free time indoors, the 38% eat in front of the TV.
Failure to comply with the distance from the screen causes eye strain and stress the nervous and endocrine systems.

Recently he has also discovered the phenomenon of "Dirty Electricity" shall mean the electricity in our homes is no longer a simple clean signal at 50 Hz due to a Overload of NET electrical distribution Transients (transient peaks and breaks the current harmonics) that cause an insidious form of electrical pollution radio frequency, called "Dirty Electricity"that spreads in buildings, long wires that act as antennae.

  • 2004 Dr.ssa Magda Havas (Trent University – Canada)"Dirty electricity increases insulin levels";
  • "Increase of autism in children if the mother during pregnancy rest in environments with high levels of electromagnetic pollution". (limit regulated in Italy 6/Vm)
  • 2007 Dr. M. Kundi: "80% of childhood leukemia can be attributed to this phenomenon."
  • 2009 Dr. Cedric Garland (University of California-San Diego)"The transients block the action of certain drugs in preventing the spread or recurrence of breast cancers";
  • "The transients cause cancer".

Just as we filter the water to remove contaminants in order to obtain cleaner water, today we have to filter the electricity to eliminate this contaminant so get anelectricity more clean with the use of the various versions dePatented Full-Point devices&Bioriposo.

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