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New patent for industrial invention: protector ElectroSmog102018000002816/18

The goal of our company is to design, manufacture and distribute products for the protection of a person's health.

In recent decades there has been an overloading of the electrical supply network with Transients (transitional breaks), woodpeckers and harmonics that cause a insidious form of electrical pollution from radio frequencies, called "Dirty Electricity". This spreads in buildings along the electric wires that act as antennae.

Always in recent decades there has been a sharp increase in broadcasting television and radio and telephony systems is causing a strong pollution from radio waves which generically is called Electrosmog.

Just as we filter the water to remove contaminants in order to obtain cleaner water, now we have to filter the electricity to eliminate this contaminant in order to obtain a cleaner electricity and simultaneously cancel electric smog component using different versions of PATENT.

The experience of Full-Point Environmental detection Method and research in the field of GEOBIOLOGY and ELECTROMAGNETIC influences have allowed the creation of BIODISPOSITIV.

Electromagnetic fields although not yet in the field of ionizing radiation have cumulative effects on the metabolism of living structures — while not causing an immediate tumor such as radiation however alter metabolism and for example, after a few thousand seconds (i.e. days) cause an effect similar to an ionizing radiation.

Professor Bruno Brandimarte
Degree in nuclear physics major in instrumentation for nuclear physics

The Earth's magnetic field exposure of passive natural deprivation can adversely affect our physical and mental wellbeing

IT is NECESSARY to KNOW that the human body cannot live a normal life without the natural energy that it receives from the environment in which it lives and grows.

Wineskin that light, air, water and food, our body requires the Earth's magnetic field.
However due to Electromagnetic Influences and factors covered by the structural our body cannot get full benefits.

What is Geobiology?

The Geobiology is a discipline that involves medicine, architecture and physics and relations between man and the environment.

The structure of the land on which the House is built, its orientation, the materials of the bed, the underground waterways, and the presence of radio waves in the environment, affect the lives of those who live there.

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